fbpx Lets Shape A New Future.

Lets Shape A New Future.

Help Kidduz By Answering 5 Simple Questions & Play With An App For 2 Minutes With Maze.co, The Worlds Best Prototype Testing Platform.

AND Receive The Best Time Management System There Is Out There.


Kidduz Makes Learning FUN.


Learn how Kidduz plans to improve the education system by playing with our app for 2 minutes and answer just a few questions.

Kidduz Offers Kids And Parents:

  • A platform that provides lots of course material in wide range of arts and personal development such mma, soccer, business, mindset among others for just $9.97 per month. 


  • Curriculums focused on the mastery of the fundamentals ensuring you learn to build anything, not be guided every single time.


  • Ability to connect with friends and family by giving you lots of FUN things to do together!


  • Connect with friends who share the same interest online, WITHOUT giving any of your personal information. Learn. Create. Inspire.

Develop A Mindset Of Excellence And Learn To Operate That Way In Everything You Do.


Hey There,


I am Jobany Aguilar and I am thrill to share this amazing time management system with you. 


At some point I couldn't do a single thing without complaining and feeling down. Now I'm currently working full time, workout 7x per week, run a tech startup while learning how to build startups, study world innovations, markets, among others. While still taking care of my daily life such cooking, cleaning, shower, friends, family, volunteer 12hrs per week in kids MMA classes.


I have this time because I make the time purposely and without feeling stressed out now. I will share with you how I am able to do so much!


I am giving my free time management system to those who can volunteer 20 minutes by completing a very basic Kidduz testing for a new kids educational startup company. You'll answer 5 questions and play with an app for 2 minutes, that's it!


Cheers To Your Greatest Version,

Jobany Aguilar

Founder: Kidduz

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