fbpx Lets Shape A New Future.

Lets Shape A New Future.

Kidduz Is The Kids Educational Online Playground.

Join Kidduz Find Its Footing In Building More United Families.


We Make Learning FUN.


School emphasizes too much on teaching STEM education. Although great and needed, Kidduz believes that a healthy well developed brain will be able to tackle such topics, easier, faster and more joyfully. We focus on playful learning, we believe we will beat schools soon.

Kidduz Offers Kids And Parents:

  • A platform that provides lots of course material in wide range of arts and personal development for just $9.97 per month. 


  • Curriculums focused on the mastery of the fundamentals ensuring you learn to build anything, not be guided every single time.


  • Ability to connect with friends and family outside of board game, movies, and regular activities. Joining Kidduz gives you lots of things to do together!


  • Connect with friends who share the same interest online, WITHOUT giving any of your personal information. Explore. Grow. Inspire.

Develop A Mindset Of Excellence And Learn To Operate That Way In Everything You Do.


Hey There,


I am Jobany Aguilar and I began to fall in love with personal development, psychology and human emotion since when I was a day trader back in 2017. After getting kicked out of high school, within a week I decided that my education did not end there, it was just about to begin.


Over the last couple of years, I have studied and experienced a wide range of topics and industries. Everything from world economy through forex day trading, ecommerce, real estate and now I am in technology startups.


This has forced me to pick up books, courses and talk to multiple types of people. Through this knowledge and lots of self reflection, I began to think deeper as to why people are so unhappy, divided and always upset about something. This let me to want to educate children right, from the beginning which has led me to many other insights about life. That's where Kidduz was born, connecting families and their communities for a greater good. I invite you to join our mission now.


Cheers To Your Greatest Version,

Jobany Aguilar

Founder: Kidduz

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