Kidduz Is The Kids Educational Online Playground For Kids Ages 6 To 13 Where They Will Be Able To Learn, Connect & Collaborate Through Creative Arts & Personal Development Projects!

Bond With Your Children By Becoming Their Coach Through Our Family Friendly – Kids Activities Videos.

Encourage, Support & Connect Deeper With Them On Their Journey Of Learning & Growing!

Performance Arts

Watch them show off their amazing performance on Friday nights to display their passion for anything performance arts that they might have discovered, learned and mastered! Find anything from music writing, singing, instrument playing along with dancing and theater, public speaking and other amazing topics!

Creative Arts

Has your child ever asked or even attempted to learn how to draw, paint, do clay sculptures, craft bridges or other things, build boats with papers that actually float or awesome paper planes that actually fly? It is easy to quickly get frustrated because there is nothing online that walks them through it step by step. You’ll find not only all of that here but we teach the mechanics of how those things work and encourage them to create themselves.

Health & Wellbeing

Both of these are the foundation to a great life as you may know. Kidduz will ensure to educate them about the importance of overall health, nutrition, eating awareness, exercise and sports exercises and tricks! Things they will be able to do at home and many other wellbeing related topics that I am sure they will enjoy and appreciate!

Personal Development & Finance

How would you like your child to be given compliments because of the way he behaves, communicates, thinks, collaborates and goes the extra mile for their team or class mates? Anger management, self respect, identify shifting, time management among other importance skills will be taught in this section. Don’t be surprised to see courses about Finance and kid friendly businesses they can start right away!

Sneak Peek To What Is Coming Soon.

Save Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours Per Year While You Cherish Your Children Much Deeper.

Online Activities Courses

We have a huge variety of online courses for kids to learn amazing skills to ensure their happiness, confidence and brain development.

Online Network For Kids

6 year olds crave social connection just as much. We help them connect, collaborate & inspire their peers through our safe kid-friendly network!

Live Events Bi-Weekly

Every other week starting April 1st, 2023 we will be having online classes where they will learn skills LIVE with instructors.

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Create Memories You’ll Never forget

The Best Relationships Are Those Where You Both Grow Together. We Help YOU Do Just That With Your Kids Right Here At Kidduz.

Kids Educational Social Platform!

Connect, inspire & collaborate!

Learn, Create, Share, Inspire, Lead, Collaborate. Kidduz comes with a COPPA ( Child Online Privacy Protection Act ) Certification to ensure we are following all current regulations to help your kids explore, learn and collaborate with others online, safely. Content Censoring and Parental Control Panel will be available as well. Simply follow our guide and have the very best experience of your life with your little ones.

Weekly Live events

Every week we will be bringing in someone to educate your children LIVE! Whether that is learning to increase your energy, change our beliefs, shifting our identity or creating bracelets, drawing basics, building a paper planes that flies, exercising among many, many other things! One thing is for sure.. We Will Have A Blast. Please Do Not Be Late. (:

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Kidduz is awesome!! My children along with my wife and myself have been creating some crafts together and even began writing some music! I am absolutely loving the platform and for what is to come. Great Job!

James Cunnings

I am honestly impressed by the wireframe and speaking to Jobany about the project and live events I know it will triple everything. After knowing he dedicatedly studies Tony Robbins and other experts.. I very much look forward to what is to come for my kids!

Shawn Sias

I appreciate the effort that has been put into this amazing project. My kids has learned how to draw better and we’re starting to write a song together. This is the perfect replacement for video games, honestly.

Rob Chiang

Online LIVE Events Coming Soon!

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